Friday, October 13, 2006

Best Couples EVER: The List.

Perhaps Fosco was a bit insensitive in proclaiming Michael and Laurel the "best couple EVER" in his recent post on Canadian Thanksgiving (at least, that's what several of his other coupled friends have suggested in their emails filled with tearful recriminations...)

The problem of course was with my choice of the definite article. What I meant to say (yet did not--I blame the delicious stuffing that Laurel made...) is that Michael and Laurel are one of the best couples EVER.

Which suggests to me that maybe I need to produce the following list of Best Couples EVER (in random order):


Todd said...

Other best couples:
Bill and Monica (Anything that can drive that many Conservatives into apoplectic fits is a good thing)

Willow and Tara

Ty Willingham and his caddy

Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger (You just know those two will be going at it like bunnies about three minutes after Voldemort is dead)

Kristen Bell and myself

Anonymous said...

What a fine, fine choice, Todd. If I'm really nice, will you and Kristen invite me and Mantis over for fondue?

Brian, thanks for the addendum - now I don't have to pay for that costly Best Couple Counseling.