Monday, January 01, 2007

Fosco's New Year

Because of The Accident, Fosco's New Year's Eve plans were a bit less adventurous than usual (NSFW, but a must-see as it is very strange). Fosco's family is still in town, so he spent the evening sitting at home making fun of things with his sister, Maggie Tulliver.

What did we do?

  • watched the series finale of Arrested Development. And although I hate to say it, while AD may not have the narrative drive and suspense of a drama like Veronica Mars, it is actually a better show.
  • watched Bollywood trailers on the internet.
  • discovered that Mormon cinema is called "Mollywood." Here's a description of one of those Mormon films: "Sons of Provo (2004). Mockumentary about an LDS boy-band named Everclean." It sounds kind of funny, but I'm sure the Mormons found some way to prevent that. Ugh, Mormons.
  • discovered the Jollywood Moving Picture Co., which appears to be some sort of training project for teens with video cameras. Here's a sentence (from a description of one of their films) that made my sister and me laugh heartily for almost 10 minutes: " The movies [sic] style was influenced by the mockumentary "Dog Show" starring Eugene Levy." I love that sentence so much.
  • watched the musical numbers from Moulin Rouge!.
  • and finally, as midnight approached, we couldn't bear to count down with either Ryan Seacrest or Carson Daly (they make our eyes bleed, they do). Instead, we did the countdown en español on Univision.
How's that for an exciting New Year's Eve?

If you want to read about a productive/party-filled NYE, visit Ted. He spent time at some place called "The Hole," which practically makes me tingle with curiosity.


John Mackey said...

Somehow, the first time I read this post, I missed the fact that you watched the countdown on Univision. AEJ and I did the same, believe it or not. Dick Clark, in his present state, is a bit depressing, and Ryan Seacrest is awful. Univision, though, even though I don't understand a word of Spanish beyond "agua" and "accidentes," was downright cheery.
The alternative was Garrison Keeler's show on PBS, which we watched for about 10 minutes. Mixing it with liquor, though, was like mixing liquor and sleeping pills, so we abandoned that excessively mellow show pretty quickly.
From now on, we're all about Univision on KMEX.

The semi-sad thing is that our New Year's was even more low-key than yours -- and we were capable of moving without experiencing pain.

FOSCO said...

Yeah, that Garrison Keillor thing was a nightmare. That was a recipe for a New Year's Eve suicide...

Anonymous said...

there's a mollywood version of 'pride and prejudice' that doesn't make you want to trhow up your own stomach like the other ones do. blech. mormons.

i'm sorry to hear what that blonde she-whore did to you. feel better!! or buy some illegal vicodin and feel even more betterer!