Thursday, November 06, 2008

Don't Fuck with the Gays, California.

A majority of those voting on Tuesday (still only 15% of CA's total population, as I noted earlier) approved the vile Prop H8.

It's time to show California that the gays are not going to take this. It's time for a new Stonewall. So let the chaos begin.

Last night, there were protests in West Hollywood (with seven arrests!)

This afternoon, gay marriage supporters targeted the Mormon Temple in Westwood (a particularly appropriate target, I might add). One good sign from the protest: "YOU HAVE TWO WIVES I WANT ONE HUSBAND."

Rumor has it that there will be a major protest in SF tomorrow (although not specifically targeting the Mormons), which means that Fosco needs a sign! But what should it say?

Possible Signs for Fosco to Carry to Protest Prop H8

  • Muck Formons.
  • Your Daughter Is Too Ugly to Marry a Princess.
  • At Least Our Bridemaids Wear Tasteful Dresses.
  • Taking Away My Marriage Won't Make Yours Any Less Unfulfilling.
  • Which of Your Rights Should We Take Away?
  • Scared of Gays? Don't Piss Them Off.
  • Your Pastor Is A Liar.
Hmmm. I'm not sure any of these works. Any suggestions, commenters?


m said...

How about "Let your missionaries marry"?

I can't be super clever so early in the morning.

John Mackey said...

Speaking of protests, Craig Ferguson had a good joke the other night. Paraphrasing, it was, "homosexuals stormed the statehouse in Sacramento, protesting the passage of Prop 8. Reports say they've already done $2 million in improvements."