Thursday, February 12, 2009

Buy Gay Stock

According to yesterday's Gawker, the New York gays aren't taking the recession too seriously:

"The gays love a recession!" trills the New York Observer this morning. Gay nightlife and shopping is in full swing, despite the ruined economy. Childless wonders are taking over Manhattan again. Isn't it fabulous?
I don't know. Is it fabulous? I think I'd like to know more. Gawker asks the right question, of course:
Are the gays powering through these very early stages of the Big R because they really aren't affected? Or is this a highly delicate balancing act of desperation, denial, and willful ignorance?
Sadly, I don't think you'll lose money betting on gay ignorance. And lo, we have a quote from one of the interviewed gays:
"Gays love a recession because we hate the capitalist economy that's found in the hetero-normative patriarchy anyways. I say burn the motherfucker down! Right? Fuck Prop 8! Who gives a fuck? We should burn down Wall Street and take over New York."
Ummm. Right. Sure thing.

You know, Fosco definitely has sympathy for criticism of Wall Street and capitalism. But it's usually more persuasive when the critic isn't wearing white leather chaps (and only white leather chaps).

As for this gay, Fosco cannot really say that the recession has been affecting his spending that much. But, I think that's mainly because Fosco is still poor--just like he was before the recession. Plus ça change...


Jill said...

I think "the gays" sounds rude. It sounds like another species.

The recession hasn't affected us much either. But, we have no kids, so I'm sure that helps quite a bit.

libhom said...

I guess the Gawker hasn't heard that Oscar Wilde Bookstore is closing soon.