Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Local Wildlife Roundup

Watch out, animal-lovers! Here come some charismatic megafauna:

  • Let's start with the good news (well, at least semi-good news). Last week, there were sightings of two different killer whale pods off the Bay Area coast. You can watch the news report here. Did you know that different Orca pods can choose to eat different types of food? As Wikipedia notes:
    specific populations show a high degree of specialization on particular prey species.
    One of the pods seen off the coast is a pod of salmon eaters; the other pod was seen killing harbor seals. This is good news because Fosco loves Orcas (he has a stuffed Orca named "Baby Shampu"). Sadly, however, this is bad news, because at least one of these pods is typically known to feed in the waters off Puget Sound and their appearance this far south suggests that food supplies are getting scarce.
  • And now the bad news. According to this piece in the Santa Cruz Sentinel, "an assortment of factors suggests California's sea otter population is in decline." As you may have noticed, Fosco also adores sea otters. Sometimes I wish I could offer Oz's bathtub as an otter habitat.
  • But one form of local wildlife is in full swing: roller girls. As in roller derby. This week, the Sentinel featured this slide show of a match(?) between the Santa Cruz Rollergirls and "the L.A. Derby Dolls Sirens." Although they are all interesting, Fosco's favorite picture is probably this one:

    I think this photo pretty much captures everything that Fosco wants to believe about roller derby.


Jill said...

The chick in the pink could CRUSH me!!

FOSCO said...

Hell, that "chick" in the pink could crush me. And I think she'd enjoy it. [shudder]

Anonymous said...

Just heard a song by a band called "Otter Petter". Couldn't form an impression after just one song, other than that you might enjoy the name!