Sunday, October 19, 2008

Best Week Ever!

This week is gonna rawk!

That's because on Friday, ONLY IN THEATERS, it's time for High School Musical 3: Senior Year (caution: link involves spirited drumming).

Because Fosco is (not-so) secretly a tween girl, he is tingly with excitement over this film (all the way to the tips of his budding breasties!). In fact, as Fosco writes this post, he is listening to a (apparently pirated) copy of the HSM3 soundtrack. And like any tween girl, Fosco is listening to the ballads and singing the VanHudge parts to his boyfriend Oz (who, sulkily, refuses to sing the ZacFron parts).

I suppose by now, the eagle-eyed reader has noticed that the pic above is not actually the cast members of HSM, but strange, racially-matched lookalikes. Yep, apparently some theater troupe in Georgia did their own production. Half of Fosco wants to laugh; the other half wants to audition for Ryan.

Of course, the big question on Fosco's mind is this: what will senior year hold for Disney's modern Mouseketeers? Judging from the trailer, we can expect some surprising developments:

In honor of this film, Fosco has made this week HSM week here at Fosco Lives!. Stay tuned for more fun!

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m said...

High School musical fans are the most diverse and random I have ever encountered.

Glad you're back, BTW.