Friday, October 17, 2008

New Developments: Kitty Bunker

From the "New Developments in the Life of Fosco" File:

Fosco and his boyfriend Oz are parents of a frequently skittish and occasionally peevish (is there any other kind?) kitty named Isis. Isis fears two things above all others: the vacuum and (sigh) plastic bags. Strangely, the crinkly sound of a plastic bag is enough to send Isis cowering under the endtable or burrowing to the back of the closet.

Fosco's boyfriend Oz has been around cats all of his life and he finds Isis's fears to be neither strange nor worrisome.

Fosco, on the other hand,

  • has never owned a pet and so feels a strong anxiety about the psychological well-being of Isis.
  • is an insomniac who lies in bed for hours, trying to "think like kitty."
  • is a typical graduate student who invents excuses not to do work.
  • is allowed to use pointy scissors.

Ergo, Isis now has a snazzy new cardboard bunker in which to hide from plastic bags.

Isis sez: "You can't find me now, Evil Target Bag!"

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todd said...

That picture's just begging to be LOLed.