Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dark in the city. (Night is a wire.)

What are you doing tonight from 8:30-9:30? Might I suggest that you turn out your lights to participate in Earth Hour? In case you haven't heard, Earth Hour is one hour when cities, homes, and businesses around the world will turn off their lights to support action on climate change.

Any number of large American cities will be participating (all at 8:30 local time); be sure to check out the Earth Hour US website for photos, as iconic skylines and monuments go dark (including the Golden Gate Bridge). Caution: if you live in New Orleans, Camden, or Detroit, I would suggest leaving your lights on. And your doors locked.

But (you may ask) what will I do in the dark for an hour? Luckily, the Earth Hour folks have some suggestions:

Fosco would like to add another suggestion:

11. Masturbate.

Assuming that Fosco does not engage in #11, he may post photos from his Earth Hour here tomorrow.

[N.B., posting a comment on this blog during Earth Hour is not funny... :P ]

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