Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Falafel of Santa Cruz: Mondays without Falafel Always Get Me Down

[The most recent of Fosco's weekly restaurant reviews]

Yesterday, I suggested to my personal assistant Geoffrey that we have lunch at Falafel of Santa Cruz, one of my new favorite restaurants in the Cruz. When we pulled up, we realized that we've unintentionally done this exact same thing the last four Mondays (and only on Mondays).

For some reason, Fosco really craves falafel on Mondays--and not just any falafel.

The food at Falafel of Santa Cruz is excellent. It is probably the best falafel that I've ever eaten (although I've never been farther East than Poland). The gyros are exceptional. The dolmas are good. The tahini sauce is meh, but you can add hot sauce. (And actually, the falafel is so good it doesn't really need sauce).

Even better are the french fries--the best in Santa Cruz.

And how can you beat the Falafel Special?

  • Large falafel sandwich
  • Large fries
  • Large soda
All for $6.75.

There's no atmosphere, but who cares? Take your falafel and go somewhere pretty--I hear there's a beach somewhere in town.

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