Tuesday, October 16, 2007

You Can't Get There (At All)

The ultimate California Adventure (at least today) appears to be driving. Fosco found all of these stories in his evening read-through of Santa Cruz and San Francisco newspapers:

If you're planning to drive in CA this evening, well... just don't.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Still Feeling Weird...

Last Friday, Fosco found himself in a situation that he never would have imagined: watching gay bareback porn in the presence of one of the most famous and distinguished faculty at UCSC. It was part of an extraordinary talk by an absolutely brilliant guest professor.

Let me assure you that as fascinating and enjoyable as gay porn is, it is surprisingly unpleasant to watch the creation of a devil's dick from the semen of seventy-three men while in a room with 25 of your academic colleagues (including The Haraway). Eek. Just... eek.

Academia is such a hoot sometimes!

[N.B.: there is no accompanying picture to this post that would make any amount of sense.]


The always entertaining and intelligent Todd responds to Fosco's adoration of a color photocopy of Al Gore:

In related news, my mom tells me that one of her friends hates Al Gore (and refuses to believe in Global Climate Change) because (somehow) he once increased phone bill taxes by five dollars. Even if he actually did this (which is questionable--it just doesn't sound right), is that a good reason to deny climate change? Ah, the logic of the Midwest...