Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Like Count Fosco, the lime is a very versatile fruit.

A new culinary discovery today: the BASIL LIMEADE at the Buttery Bakery. The perfect complementarity of the flavors in this cooler was unanticipated by Fosco.

Unfotunately, Fosco's visit to the much-touted bakery in Santa Cruz was marred by the mood of the waitstaff: they were extremely surly--an unexpected (and unpleasant) surprise given the gorgeous interior and the sumptuous pastries.

Fosco will attempt another visit, before he gives up and pledges his pastry allegiance solely to Gayle's.

As for the remarkable basil limeade, Fosco begins to consider how to produce it in his own kitchen. And can it be made with... vodka?

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