Friday, November 21, 2008


Fosco Lives! has now been around (intermittently!) for almost 2.5 years. This post is Fosco's 300th-an important (although arbitrary) milestone.

In honor of post #300, Fosco has collected some other notable 300s.

  1. Of course, there is that movie (much beloved by Fosco's boyfriend Oz). As Fosco recalls, the film is shot entirely without the color green (Fosco's favorite color, incidentally) and contains a strangely queer backrub between a hairy midget and a alopeciac drag queen:

  2. And then there's the Chrysler 300, which gets a whopping 26 mpg. Wow, Fosco just can't understand how a company that makes such a great car could be headed for bankruptcy.

  3. Look at this little cutie!

    It's the Visotec Expert 300 by Bundes Druckerei. It scans and verifies travel documents. Sweet.

  4. Fosco loves this one: the MCV-300 Concrete Vibrator. I wish it were as dirty as it sounds, but it's not.

  5. And if you're interested in the most possible fun associated with the number 300, you cannot go wrong at the Joliet Moose Family Center #300 in lovely charming actually-existing Joliet, Illinois.

  6. Oh, and you know who is about to turn 300? Walnuts!

    Ah, but who can blame him for loving naps?


todd said...

Other important 300s:

A perfect bowling game!

The speed in bits per second of the first modem I owned.

The Apple LaserWriter 300

Mayan civilization reaches its peak.

Anonymous said...

The Airbus A300 was the first twin-engine airliner to be allowed extended operation over water, i.e. transatlantic routes. It put Airbus on the map as a real competitor to Boeing, which responded by developing the 767.

The BeeMaster