Monday, November 24, 2008

In which Democracy breaks down!

It has now been almost ten days (and six "business" days) since Fosco sent an email to his Democratic US senators, asking them to kick the traitorous Joe Lieberman to the curb.

Despite Fosco's letter, the Senate Democratic Caucus has chosen to forgive Lieberman, leaving the matter of his anti-Obama criticism for him to settle with his Maker (from appearances, that would be Jim Henson's Creature Shop).

Even so, Fosco has yet to receive any kind of response or acknowledgment from his Senatrices Feinstein (pictured below as a scary monster) and Boxer (pictured above with filing system for constituent mail). Now Fosco understands why a personal letter might be too much to ask from either office; but a brief form email? When Fosco lived in other states, his every letter or email to his US Senators was promptly replied to. Now I know that California is bigger than any other state, but it has been ten days.

You see, it's not that Fosco really wants to hear either Senatrix's slippery excuses for letting "Melty Joe" stick around. It's just that, as Fosco's wise African-American grandfather used to say, "when your senator stops responding to your letters, that's when you have to start questioning your existence." Wise words, Grampa Red, wise words.

So what is Fosco to do if his elected representatives won't pay attention to him? Well, his only choice is to print unflattering pictures of them both once a week until he receives a response. And trust me, Senator Boxer, you don't want that.

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