Monday, March 23, 2009

Things To Do With Your Otter In Chicago

When it's "Music Monday," Fosco encourages you to caress your favorite animal.

You may recall how Fosco feels about otters (particularly sea otters). Well, based on Fosco's otter affection, music hipster JennyT recently recommended the band Otter Petter. Although JennyT admitted that she

couldn't form an impression after just one song, other than that you might enjoy the name,
you can believe that Fosco was intrigued enough to pick up the whole CD. After all, a band that names itself after one of life's most rewarding activities must be worth listening to, right? Just like you would have to listen to music by any band named "Donut Licker" or "Tom Brady Fellator." But I digress...

Anyway, Otter Petter is a Chicago band that, by their own admission, blends Matthew Sweet with Death Cab For Cutie. Or, maybe we could just call them "indie pop." At any rate, it's sweet, it's sincere, and it's poppy. Falsetto is involved. And Fosco loves it.

You can listen to three of the (better) songs from their full-length debut album, Fireflies and Lamp Lights, here. I am particularly fond of "The Rest of the World."

Or, if you are a YouTube person (and don't mind sketchy sound quality), you can listen to "The Rest of the World" below, accompanied by occasional semi-relevant still pictures (you know the style...):

Otter Petter! How can you go wrong with a band named Otter Petter!

And please, if "otter petting" is some teen euphemism for something sexual, don't tell me.

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Jill said...

Tom Brady fellator...giggle. Substitute him for The Rock and I'm there!

Anonymous said...

Maybe "otter petter" is something a bit more old-timey kind of dirty, like "If I want to fit in with the other promgoers, I otter petter". Or "Otter petter? I hardly know 'er!" Maybe not.

Glad you liked it, though!

Anonymous said...

Otter Petter? Um, YEAH. It does mean something, but you said you didn't want to know. So never mind.

Two words: Urban. Dictionary. (dot com)

The BeeMaster

Anonymous said...

awww...Tom Brady.

That's all.