Tuesday, April 07, 2009

UCSC Tapas!

Some brief updates on life here at UCSC:

  • The giant UCSC campus 4/20 pot festival approaches. Watch the video from last year. This year, the Admin plans to get even more difficult about the whole thing (and I guess it is bad publicity for the U): UCSC has already contacted the parents of first-years. As the email to parents notes:
    "I encourage you to talk with your student about his or her plans for 4/20. Ask direct questions about the choices they make and express your expectations regarding marijuana, alcohol or other drug use. Although students may not initiate discussion on this topic, your opinions and expectations can influence their behavior."
    If only UCSC would contact my parents. I would love to have that conversation.
  • Sad news from budget-cut land: UCSC's uber-liberal Community Studies Department may get the axe. Sure, it's a crazy radical major that creates community activists, but then again, community activists do more good in this world than almost anyone else (especially white trash governors).
  • This past week, Fosco discovered the beauty of the Porter Koi Pond. Did you know that koi live 25-35 years? That's longer than most dogs, cats, and Community Studies departments. True.

    Sadly, there is this old story about two UCSC fratboys who caught and grilled one of the koi several years ago. Luckily, those frat boys are now dead.
Aren't they gorgeous?


Jill said...

What is that plushie suppossed (sp?) to be?

They really need to include spellcheck on the comments section.

kungfuramone said...

Proof in the pudding...frat boys are assholes even at weird lefty sort of anti-frat universities!

m said...


That picture of Sammy the Slug (v. sad that I know that) is hilarious.