Friday, January 16, 2009

Rick Warren Loves God. And Himself. Mostly Himself.

Pompous blowhard Pastor Rick Warren (who, as Fosco has noted, is only getting younger) has been laying low lately, hiding from the roaming gangs of gay bullies who want to prevent his Inaugural Invocation. Warren (seen at right, walking on water) has announced his reticence in a statement explaining that he plans to "let his [Inaugural] prayer speak for itself." That's all well and good, but what else of interest does his statement say?

Well, in case you had doubts, Fosco can assure you that Rick Warren's self-esteem remains intact. As he notes in his statement:

his desire is that his prayer and preaching can be pastoral and that he and President-elect Obama can model civility as men of consequence in these difficult times. [emphasis added]
Wow, somebody sure likes himself. A lot. And it certainly does put all those gays of inconsequence in their place.

You know, it's not like he even needed the phrase "as men of consequence" for the sentence to make sense or read well; but, it's like he couldn't resist
  1. equating himself with Obama.
  2. bragging about his own importance.
Oh Rick, doesn't your bible tell you that the meek shall inherit?


Jill said...

How I've learned to despise organized religion. On another note...I want to thank you for adding me to your blog roll. I'm sure my "fluff" blog (oh, now that reminds me of a fluffer...I should use another word)...superficial blog isn't normally what you scan. You are quite prolific. I IMMENSELY enjoy reading your blog (that's me yelling). We are going on a road trip this weekend (4 hours is all either one of us can manage in a car) and I'm going to miss you Fosco.

FOSCO said...

Jill! I love fluff(ing) and "superficial" blogs like yours. You find the more gorgeous shoes! I'm thrilled to have you as a reader and I'm enjoying your blog immensely as well.

I hope you had/have a good road trip...