Thursday, January 15, 2009

An Unintentional Truth

So Bush smirked his way through a farewell address tonight, working hard to remind us what a tool he is. Over the next day or so, I want to look at some of the particularly dreadful passages in his speech. Sometimes, maybe I'll add a line or two to improve comprehension...

For example, I liked the part where Bush came surprisingly close to describing the true nature of Cheney and his posse of neocons. In the quote below, Fosco provides the one missing sentence (in italics):

The battles waged by our troops are part of a broader struggle between two dramatically different systems. Under one, a small band of fanatics demands total obedience to an oppressive ideology, condemns women to subservience, and marks unbelievers for murder. The other system is Islamic theocracy.
Not only is this pretty close to the truth, it's also a pretty funny joke.

[Rimshot.] "Hiyo! I'm here four more days. Tip carefully, drive your waitress."

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