Saturday, September 23, 2006

Orlando: City on the Move

Over three weeks ago, travel blog Gridskipper (which, despite the fact that I never intend to stay in a luxury hotel in Buenos Aires, I find occasionally useful), announced a contest to assist the City of Orlando in choosing a new slogan. It seems that "You'll Never Outgrow It" isn't working anymore and Orlando needs something really snappy in order to compete with Vegas (as if there is any possibility of competing with "I joined a threesome").

But then Gridskipper apparently forgot about this contest... (or decided to postpone it in favor of their "World's Sexiest City" contest--in which, strangely, Orlando doesn't figure...).

So, I'm thinking that because
A) I spent a few minutes coming up with some suggestions, and
B) One of my best friends lived in Orlando for five years (he worked for Sodomy Camp!), and
C) I have spent a surprising amount of time there,
this contest should be revived here on "Fosco Lives!"

So, here are my suggestions for Orlando's new slogan:

  • Orlando: Come for the casinos, stay for the beaches.
  • Orlando: Orange you glad to be here?
  • Orlando: Visit Grandma.
  • Orlando: Ride Kills Woman at Epcot
Commenters, post your own and let's see if we can save Orangetown USA!


t.c. said...

Orlando: Thank God Dante is now in Miami
Orlando: It’s 90 degree at Christmas
Orlando: Hurricane Alley
Orlando: Come celebrate a Monsoon New Year’s Eve
Orlando: World’s greatest knee surgeons
Orlando: Our fitness instructors are whores
Orlando: Blue drinks and Blue Hairs
Orlando: Come die on I-4
Orlando: Our sting rays don’t kill
Orlando: Duran Duran was here…last month
Orlando: We love our watersports

FOSCO said...

Frickin' Awesome, Todd!