Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Fosco Lives! Exclusive: Robert Olen Butler Dead.

Fosco refuses to be outdone by Perez Hilton's numerous (and increasingly less convincing) announcements that Cuban strongman Fidel Castro is dead, dead, totally dead.

Luckily, Fosco has his own EXCLUSIVE to report: the death of Pulitzer-Prize-winning novelist Robert Olen Butler.

Mr. Butler's graduate students were notified last night. They were asked to keep the news quiet until after an official announcement, but you know how that kind of thing gets around...

Oh, and you know who should be dead? That guy who runs Comcast. I hate that dick.


todd said...

I have Castro on my dead pool, I didn't have Mr. Butler.

I am, however, in the strange position of hoping for Castro to live, as the entry in first place has Castro in his 20 point slot.

You should do an entry next year. You could put Comcast guy on it.

ted said...

Wow. That IS news.

And I totally loved his totally unhinged email about his wife.