Saturday, August 11, 2007

One More Blog

Fosco's sister, Maggie Tulliver, has decided to take that hiatus from a life in retail that we like to call "graduate school in the humanities." (Fosco is no exception--there is a sales associate position at Sephora waiting for him upon completion of his PhD in Literature.) Sister Maggie will be attending the intellectually intimidating University of Chicago and just moved to a small studio in Hyde Park. As part of her grad student life, she's got a new computer and a new interest in all things internetish. She wants to start a blog, but she doesn't know what to name it. Let's help her, shall we?

Good Names for a Blog by Fosco's Sister


t.c. said...

Here are some possible blog names for Maggie. I'm sure I will think of more...

1. I Moved to Chicago and All I Got Was This Lousy Blog!
2. Hyde and Seek
3. Be Kind, Rewind
4. Blogging for Apples
5. Windy City Diddy
6. I Like My Blogs How I Like My Men…Long, Dark, Witty, and all about Bondage.
7. Human + Titties = humanities
8. Video Killed the Literature Star

todd said...

Wow, it's almost like thinking up fantasy football team names.

1. I started a blog so you can all not read it.
2. Ugly Ravings and the Futile Paper
3. Gray Kitty of the Knowing Chicago
4. Luminary Maggie and the Grouch
5. Confused Confusion And The Cream

2-5 from the band name generator

John Mackey said...

You have some excellent ideas there, Fosco. Is she a lesbian? If she's a promiscuous lesbian blogging about her sexcapades in the midwest, I'd go with "Taste of Chicago" or "Fish Tacos." That's a blog I would definitely read.

For some reason, this reminded me of my favorite porn title of all time. No, not "Titty Titty Gang Bang" (one of my unproduced originals, although I see it has sense been used it for real), but "Girls Who Beg To Be F*ucked Up the A*s and Drenched with Cum." That title always seemed like a stretch, as I have never met such a woman. What brought the title to mind this morning, though, was the idea that if you gave a blog this title, the blog would certainly get a lot of traffic, at least from straight males searching for porn. If she's looking for lots of hits, I say go with a porn title. If discovered by her classmates, the blog would also make her very popular in her new school, and it's important to make friends at college.

I'm realizing that I leave comments on your blog that I could never write on my own blog, as it would immediately kill my career. Perhaps I should sign these comments anonymously. Oops.