Thursday, November 13, 2008

We're here, we're queer, and we want a wedding!

By now, you know that the gays (Fosco included) are pretty angry about the whole Prop H8 thing... So there was a major protest march down Market St. in San Francisco last Friday night. Fosco and his boyfriend Oz were there. This is the story.

First, it is important to know that Fosco spent several hours (and used art supplies!) to make posters. Here is his favorite:

You can tell that the above photo is a Fosco photo because it is so blurry. Luckily, Oz was in charge of the camera during the march itself. Here are some of his excellent pictures of signs:

Hey, you know what? Queer sex is awesome!

Yes, that is a guy dressed as a nun...

Here's a good picture to remind us all what this is about:

Fosco's favorite part was marching through The Castro. Here we are marching past the eponymous theater:

Here is the guy with a bullhorn who kept chanting: "I'm gonna get maaaaaaaa-rried. Somebody wants to maaaaaaaaaa-rry me." At first it was annoying. Then it was funny. Then it was something in between. (Psst: check out the lesbian hair in the foreground!)

Here is my favorite sign of the night:

And here is a picture of Fosco and Oz. Yes, that is Fosco's unruly mustache peeking over the top of the sign. (No, it is not a centipede.)

If you are one of those who prefer live-action, check out our short video:

If you watch this video, you will see the frequent amused reactions to Fosco's "Utah" sign (at this point in the march, Fosco and Oz were standing on the sidelines). The best part is the guy in the motorized wheelchair who shows up at the end of the vid and can be heard saying "Let me tell you about Utah." Oz turned off the video at this point (which was only the polite thing to do), but I wish we had caught the guy's story on tape. He said that years ago (in the 70s I think he said), he lived in Salt Lake City and there used to be a number of gay bathhouses. He said that lots of married Mormon men would go to the baths for man sex and that they would walk around the baths in their special underwear (instead of nude or with a towel, as is the custom). He said that a lot of the guys were really good at gay sex. He was definitely nostalgic for it. What fun!

There is another rally in SF this weekend and Fosco hopes to see you there.


m said...

Lovely pictures although your post title makes me think of "we're here, we're queer, we want to get married on the ocean!"

FOSCO said...

I don't know what that means, Mere. Please explain?

m said...

It's from the Arrested Development Pilot.

FOSCO said...

[Fosco blushes in embarrassment]

You have vanquished me, Mere. I bow to your superior knowledge of my favorite television show.