Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Even closer...

According to reports today, the Arrested Development movie is closer.

Even better, we have a clue to the plot. From AD creator Mitch Hurwitz:

"We have a story in place. It's basically 'Valkyrie' meets 'Hotel for Dogs.'"
This is going to be so cool.


Jill said...

Read your comment on Cup of Jo...I'm trying to think of a salty comment...give me a while. I'm basically a really nice chick. Arrested Development should make a great movie.

FOSCO said...

Thanks for agreeing... but you know that's the opposite of salty, right? You should definitely try again, though. Is there any topic on which I could offend you? I take requests.

Jill said...

I'm hard to offend. I typically do the offending. I pissed off a bunch of Wiccans when I gave up the whole coven thing because there were just too many rules.

FOSCO said...

I bet there were rules about always having to use your magic to help people and stuff... I'd hate that.

As far as I'm concerned, magic should be used mainly for:
1. cosmetic improvements
2. getting into places for free
3. annoying one's enemies

and maybe, sometimes, for
4. spying on attractive famous people