Tuesday, January 13, 2009

From the Annals of Natural Childbirth

From today's Santa Cruz Sentinel, we have this story about a baby born on the front porch of a mountain cabin near Santa Cruz. The neat(?) part of the story is that the baby was delivered by the baby's father, with help from EMTs on the phone. The Sentinel is pretty pleased with this story, especially as they are offering the recording of the 911 call on their site. Well, not the whole recording, as you can see from this screenshot:

Of course, this makes one wonder what got edited from the recording. Here's Fosco's guess:

[911 Operator]: Can you see the baby's head?
[Baby's Father]: Oh My Fucking God! There is a fucking baby coming out of her vagina! Her vagina! That head is fucking huge! Holy shit! What is happening to her vagina? Jesus Jumpin' Christ! Please, please, please, Lord... make it stop...
At least that's my understanding of how these things usually work.

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