Monday, January 26, 2009

Inaugural Candids

This will probably have made the rounds on all the internets by the time you read it, but if you haven't seen this amazing picture of Obama's Inauguration (by David Bergman), you need to do so. What's great about it, of course, is that it is made up of 220 separate photos. The detail is absolutely insane--spend a few minutes zooming in on people. You are never going to see so many extremely cold people in one place (no, not even in this picture [NSFW]).

But, to save you the time of finding to good bits, Fosco has singled out a few of his favorite scenes within the scene.

Here is cellist (and Harvard alum) Yo-Yo Ma capturing the moment for posterity:

Not everyone was as excited about this moment. Here is some unidentified guy who woke up too early:

George Bush and Dr. Strangelove really don't look that happy to be there either:

My favorite, however, is this snapshot of three Supreme Court Justices. No, that's not your great-grandmother--it's Ruth "Bader" Ginsburg. What the hell kind of hat is Nino Scalia wearing? And, um... is Clarence Thomas asleep? Sorry, Clarence, looks like your attempts to destroy the Black community have failed. Dick.

If you find any other good ones, send them along.


todd said...

See the camera tower? Directly to the left (in the photo) of the dark camera box in the front of it is a lamp post. Zoom in on that. You should see someone familiar behind the two guys in camo.

FOSCO said...


Anonymous said...

Is it just Oz, or does Clarence Thomas have a mime's glove on his shoulder?

Anonymous said...

Oh and are you sure that's y0-y0 Ma? Or is it everyones favorite Hiro(Hero?)


FOSCO said...

@Oz: I think Justice Thomas was probably sexually harassing a mime right before the ceremony.

As for your Yo-Yo comment: I suppose all Asians looks alike to you? :)

And besides, I think Yo-Yo looks more like Ando.