Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jeb isn't the only funny one

Years ago, Fosco had a pretty good therapist (probably the best he's had). This was in Virginia and she was an older woman who had a great appreciation for traditional Southern manners (while, at the same time, being very politically liberal). It was around the time that George W. Bush stole his first presidential election and, naturally, Fosco needed to talk about the whole thing in therapy (remember how crushing it was?).

My therapist and I were both repulsed by GWB's callowness, of course. But to Fosco's surprise, she maintained that George H. W. Bush (Old Bush) was to be admired as something of a patrician gentleman--of the old-school Connecticut variety. My therapist was appalled that someone as honorable and well-bred as Old Bush could have produced someone like Young Bush (and she figured that Old Bush must have been appalled as well).

There is something to be said for this schema, I suppose. After all, there were points during GWB's tenure that Old Bush seemed mildly ashamed of his son. And there were certainly points where Young Bush seemed to enjoy thumbing his nose at the older generation of political gentlemen like his father.

Well, I think we can put to rest the question of Old Bush's gentlemanliness with this clip (from yesterday's Jezebel):

Wow. Yuck. It turns out that guy's not exactly a gentleman. He's actually kind of a dick.

Incidentally, Clinton is exactly right. He could never tell that joke in public. Of course, I'm not sure why he would want to.


Jill said...

I hate to admit it, but I thought he was kinda funny...Clinton too for that matter.

FOSCO said...

I can see that. But I think it would be lot funnier if the Bushes hadn't so actively tried to overturn Roe v. Wade (by appointing Clarence Thomas, John Roberts, Sam Alito).

And also, there is just something about imagining GHWB having sex (with anyone) that makes Fosco a little shuddery.

And honestly, I can totally hear Clinton telling that joke during a poker game.