Saturday, January 03, 2009


Did you know that for an entire academic quarter two years ago Fosco belonged to a Pancake Club? Indeed, Fosco and several of his friends/colleagues met once a week at a campus grill to eat PANCAKES! We even had a theme song (think The B-52's song "Deadbeat Club" with slightly different chorus). Although Pancake Club has been disbanded, Fosco and Oz still try to get weekend pancakes once or twice a month.

Today, Fosco and Oz opted for brunch at that Peninsula fixture Millbrae Pancake House, "Where Asians Eat Pancakes."TM Millbrae Pancake House doesn't pretend to be anything but a pancake house: big red building, wood paneling inside, beanie babies for sale by the cash register... you get the idea.

The menu is just as straightforward. Now, although Fosco loves pancakes, he also needs eggs and hash browns to make breakfast complete. Luckily, all omelets come with both hash browns and pancakes!

Fosco ordered the linguica omelet. He'd never actually had linguica until he moved to California (and Oz introduced him to it). Apparently, it's a Portuguese sausage that is especially popular in Oz's home protectorate, The Sandwich Islands (I bet Obama loves linguica).

Oz chose the bacon omelet, which was lovely. Bacon is delicious when it is super crispy.

And the pancakes? Oz got the standard buttermilk pancakes (top). Fosco ordered his favorite Swedish pancakes with lingonberry butter (bottom). The Swedish pancakes are thin, like a crepe and just a little chewy. So good! Oh yeah, and that's a side order of linguica because we needed more.

Of course, the only thing you can do after a meal like that is nap. Sweet dreams, Oz and Fosco!

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