Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Toys of the Day

Fosco has mentioned before that Oz has caught something of a collection bug right now. And it's only getting worse, as Hasbro expands its Mighty Muggs line to include Transformers and GI Joe (yes, we're pretty much getting them all). No word yet on Battle of the Planets, but it's surely only a matter of time.

But Oz isn't the only one in this relationship who enjoys a nice plastic toy. Fosco has been smitten as of late by the creations of Miami art collaborative Friends With You. They've imported something of the Japanese toy aesthetic to the US, while playing up the sheer absurdity of it all by creating an accompanying bizarre metaphysics and cosmogony (think Hello Kitty crossed with Hinduism). Whatever it is, it's a hit at the international art fairs.

Fosco own a few of their plush creations (which are strangely cuddly; plus they have the added benefit of being completely inexplicable). But even better (and easier on the wallet) are their smaller plastic figures called "Wish Come True." Here's part of the lineup:

Each "Wish" figure is approx. 2-3" high and has a nice heft to it (we are not talking Happy Meal toys here--these are satisfying to touch and to hold). Each one has a bell embedded inside to make a variety of pleasing tinkling sounds. Each one also comes with a sticker!

Remember the part about weird metaphysics and cosmogony? Here are some samples:

POPA: Popa is little and he holds the key to your wishing potential and human ancestry.

MR. TTT: Mr. TTT is a shape shifting mystery! From wormholes to black holes he keeps making history. This cute little Mister is always a hit, whether shaped like a burger or a galactic peppermint.

COCO: Zozo is the universe and Coco is too. With all that power, what will you do?
This may seem annoying, but then again: what if it's charming?

The best part (especially for "Friends With You") is that the "Wish Come True" toys are sold "blind box"--meaning that you have to keep ordering to get complete your full set (and you will end up with some duplicates). There are also some secret figures that are not pictured anywhere. However, that's all part of the metaphysics of luck that reigns in the land of "Friends With You."

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