Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Two Armies Clash in the Mushroom Kingdom...

Oz's flatmate has an eleven-year-old daughter who comes by on weekends. This past weekend, she was working on a project (for junior high) that required her to create her own chess set (Fosco's junior high never assigned creative projects like that; and I'm not sure any of the teachers knew what "chess" is.). She came up with the idea to make an all Super Mario chess set. She and her dad spent much of last week sculpting the characters out of clay. Oz pitched in and sculpted one of the Yoshi figurines. Fosco's contribution was to doubt from afar that the whole thing would work (he's an eternal pessimist).

It turns out Fosco was wrong, because it came out totally cool. Here are the "good guys":

The "bad guys" are a little trickier: who would you pair up as the King and Queen? Oddly enough, L chose to make a cross-species evil romance between Bowser and Donkey Kong. And no, I'm not sure who's the top and who's the bottom. But it's still cool.

The Bishops there are Mario and Luigi's evil doppelgangers, Wario and Waluigi (for those of you who stopped following all of this sometime around Super Mario World). Here's the detail:

Remember: this is done entirely with clay and poster paints (no molds or models)! Impressive, no?


Jeremy said...

So cool! They would go nicely with my Mario bedroom wallpaper.

Today's vaguely menacing CAPTCHA word: 'axingrin.' A video game boss battle, possibly, in keeping with the topic of the post: the Axin' Grin. Or maybe a survival-horror game: Don't smile--you might get an axe in the face!

Which reminds me of Love Story, oddly, but ça c'est une autre histoire.

kungfuramone said...

1. This is outstanding. The mushrooms and turtle shells as pawns are genius.
2. I think Donkey King is probably the top in the relationship.
3. I am still the best ever at Super Mario 3 on the NES. Don't even stop up, because you'll just get beat down.