Friday, December 26, 2008

Wow, Loot!

Despite the lack of fatal viruses, Christmas in Santa Cruz was wonderful, especially as it was Fosco and Oz's first Christmas spent together (last year, Fosco was in Snow Town). So what did Satan Sapna Santa bring us? I mean, besides joy and peace...

Remember how Oz has a bit of a collection going? Well, Fosco spent some quality time on eBay and came up with these beauties.

Yes, that Iron Man Mugg is a limited edition that was sold only at the San Diego Comic Con. And indeed, it does appear that Admiral Ackbar is saying "It's a trap!" (N.B., Admiral Ackbar knows when something is a trap.)

Fosco got a Mighty Mugg too! Remember Marvel's Vision? No? Well, that's why Fosco didn't have any friends in junior high. Well, at any rate, Vision was an android and a member of the Avengers (still not sounding familiar? Really?). Anyhoo, Fosco likes Vision and thinks he looks cool:

Look what Oz got for Fosco! Fosco loves this game, but had been holding off on owning it to prevent it from totally preempting his work. Is this the end of Fosco's academic career? Or does another, more lucrative, career beckon (viz. Rock God)?

Oz got a big present, too: does he know what it is?

Why, it's the IKEA Poäng Chair!

[See Isis skulking around behind it? She likes it for hiding.]

Fosco and Oz hope that, recession be damned, all of your material wishes came true this holiday season.


John Mackey said...

Wow - Rock Band?! That looks like the full game, complete with the drums! I'm jealous. I'm trying to decide between that and Guitar Hero World Tour. You guys have any thoughts, after a few days with Rock Band?

I got the new Star Wars game ("The Force Unleashed") and "Fallout 3." Both are fun, but I can't stop playing Fallout 3. I'm now seeing everything in the real world through the eyes of a first-person shooter, wanting to break into janitor closets at the mall and steal nozzles off of fire hoses.

todd said...

I've played both Rock Band and Guitar Hero World Tour, and Rock Band is by far the better of the two.

FOSCO said...

I should get Fallout 3 for Oz, although he's still working his way thru Gears of War 2. I think I would enjoy more being the semi-evil jedi in Force Unleashed.

Yes indeed, it is the full game (complete with the drums, which are Fosco's gaming instrument of choice). Although maybe the whole "playing an instrument" thing would be less exciting for you, considering that you probably already play several.

Having played both RB and GH, I would recommend RB. My preference is based mainly on the songs--RB is a better fit with my musical taste. I'd suggest you compare the song lists and see which you would prefer.

RB song list
GH song list

todd said...

Fallout 3 is freaking awesome. I love how the moral choices you make affect the world and the way the game progresses. The ended sucks hard, but the rest of the game is good enough to make up for it.

The Force Unleashed is really good but really short. I would have been pissed if I paid $60 for it.