Monday, December 22, 2008

NYC Journal: Introduction

Fosco and Oz made it back from New York City early Monday morning. All in all, the travel was pretty smooth, especially considering that New York received the first two snowstorms of the year on the two days we were flying. Interestingly, our flight on Friday arrived at JFK airport twenty minutes early! Kudos to that airline with the lavender-lit fleet.

(Sadly, Fosco squandered those extra twenty minutes and more by insisting that he and Oz take the subway from the airport instead of a cab. This was a bad, bad idea. "Beat the traffic and be in Manhattan in just 35 minutes!" Lies!)

And how was New York? Well, for one thing, it was cold. Not cold for New Yorkers, I'm sure, but remember: Fosco has lived in Santa Cruz for 2 and a half years now. As for Oz, he's originally from the Sandwich Islands and had never actually seen snow. Indeed, there was much whimpering and numbness. (Although, after returning to a monsoon in San Francisco, Fosco and Oz do see some virtue in snow.)

But, of course, even in the cold New York is just better than any other city: more cosmopolitan, more intellectual, more interesting, more fun. I love watching someone read a French novel on the L train. Or wincing as our African immigrant cabbie changes lanes four times in one block. Or seeing a building lit up for Hanukkah.

In the next few days, Fosco will share more stories and pictures from the trip (including restaurant reviews: pastries, burgers, and Jean Georges!).

Oh, and for those of you who were wondering what Fosco and Oz's kitty Isis was doing all weekend while they were gone, I'm pretty sure this about covers it:

To tell the truth, that isn't much different from what Fosco does most days...

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