Monday, March 02, 2009

Fosco's Three Song Playlist

Good morning, music listeners. This is your "Music Monday."

Fosco is a little leery of posting this brief list of songs he's enjoyed of late, mainly because he doesn't always know what the kids are listening to. Or what they listened to in the past. Because all of these songs are a year or two old. And what if they're considered too, well, played out? Or too lame? Or too popular? You can imagine how Fosco's reputation with the youth could suffer.

You would tell Fosco if that were the case, wouldn't you? Please stop me from embarrassing myself in front of people fifteen years younger.

So anyway, some songs I've really been digging lately:

Scanners: "Lowlife." I must say that the whole album Violence Is Golden pretty much rulez, but this song is probably my favorite. It's got a killer hook and sharp, powerful vocals from Sarah Daly. There isn't much interesting about the video, at least after a while; even so, the song should hit your sweet spot.

Brand New: "Jesus." Sure, maybe there's a wee bit of Candlebox in this song; or maybe Fosco is just being paranoid. Either way, brooding poseurs usually find a way appeal to me. I just like this song. Arrest me. But you're going to have to come and arrest Congressman Jindal too.

We Are Scientists: "After Hours." A lovely flashback to the sounds of 80s Britpop. I owe Todd for this one. The video is pretty funny, although I'm sure you and every person under 30 in America has already seen it. If you haven't, please enjoy:

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