Monday, March 02, 2009

Acting Baby!

In the last few weeks, Fosco has discovered that busy work (cleaning, filing, folding laundry, etc.) can be made less monotonous with "CSI: Miami" on in the background. Actively viewing this show would no doubt lead one to need an intellectual shower; however, passive background viewing allows one to enjoy a reasonable approximation of epistemological satisfaction without having to worry about the cardboard characters, improbable plots, and dreadful dialogue. Also, you rarely need to watch the screen. And you can leave for 5-10 minutes without missing anything very important.

For sheer ridiculousness, the best part of the show is David Caruso. I mentioned this to Todd the other day, and in his web-trawling he came across this remarkably accurate flow chart to represent David Caruso's acting "method":

Fosco watched an episode last night with this diagram in mind; let me assure you that there is no exaggeration.

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kungfuramone said...

Dude. For shizzle. I always get the impression that CSI Miami is actually a senior acting ensemble from a beleaguered public high school, and Caruso is their volunteer drama instructor who always casts himself in the starring role. It would explain the acting, the writing, and the prevalence of explosions.

(Side note: today's word verification is "quish." That is dirty.)