Monday, March 02, 2009

Help Support Fosco Lives!

Now Fosco has something to ask you, the dedicated Fosco Lives! reader: the next time you buy books from, would you consider doing so by clicking through the ad banner at the top right? If you do so, your beloved Count Fosco will automatically receive a small percentage from your purchase.

It's easy: just click on the ad to go to the normal Amazon homepage. Any books you buy during that visit will generate a percentage to help support Fosco Lives!.

It's completely anonymous--I won't find out who you are and I won't know what you order (so you can order porn if you like--as if I would judge you negatively for buying porn!).

If you are not an Amazon shopper, that's fine--don't worry about it; but I do know that many Fosco Lives! readers order from Amazon. So, the next time you were planning on buying a book from Amazon anyway, do it through this link and everyone will be much happier! Especially me.


Jill said...

count me in...I have the same thing on my blog. It's fortunate that it's not the only means of my support!

Anonymous said...

let's not forget to mention that a percentage of Fosco's percentage will go to purchasing Oz more Muggs! (yaaaaaaaaaaaay!) ^_^