Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Pros and Cons of The Cruz...

I've been in Santa Cruz for six days and have discovered some things I like and don't like:


  • Gayle's Bakery: especially the raspberry napoleons.
  • Surfers at Pleasure Point (see above photo).
  • Dolphins. I walk down to the beach every night, and two of the last three nights, there have been large groups?/herds?/pods? of dolphins frolicking right off the shore. I'm pretty sure they were chowing down on a colony of sea monkeys, but I can't confirm that.
  • My new wetsuit booties, purchased at the Pleasure Point Billabong. (See photo below). Now I can walk the beach without stepping on jellyfish, sharp sticks, or eel-babies.
  • The Vegetarian Super Burrito: a culinary masterpiece available at almost every taqueria I have stumbled upon. I like it best with shredded cabbage.

  • PT (aka Pacific Time). I counted: in my thirty years on earth, I have been outside of the Eastern Time Zone for about 30 weeks total--the longest consecutive period was three weeks. Naturally, my body is not quite ready to give up Eastern Time for this upstart time zone. And how weird it is to find so many telecast sporting events starting in the morning--the United States clearly runs on ET. The problem of PT is driving home my Exile from the East Coast.
  • Rolling blackouts. Just kidding--we haven't had any. Even if we did, I'm not that concerned: on Sunday, San Jose was 118 degrees, while Santa Cruz was 82. Sweet!

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