Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Utah: It's Salty...What Is It?

It's the Bonneville Salt Flats! A vast desert of pure NaCl. But, there is still water trapped in the crystals, creating a consistency something like a salty paste. If I was trying to pick up a trick in this part of the country, I'd be like: "Hey baby, can I smear a salty paste all over your body?" That would be a totally hot pickup line, I expect.

And yes, you can stand on it without sinking.

All along the interstate, people have pulled over and collected dark rocks which they used to spell their names (or other messages) on the white salt pallet. Of course, all of these names and messages are illegible when you're going 85.

All in all, this is a pretty trippy experience--it's the coolest thing I've seen on this drive. And I felt like I was in Cremaster 2. Except, of course, my penis is not topped with a beehive.

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