Tuesday, December 02, 2008

El Yummy

In a recent survey of Fosco Lives! readers, a substantial number of respondents called for "more food, less politics." While Fosco will not abandon his recent political bent, he does realize that food coverage has been sorely lacking since the site's October "relaunch." Let's remedy that omission.

See that pastry on the right? That, mis amigos, is an individual custard pie (in charmingly garbled local parlance, a "crema custer") from the El Rosal Panaderia, just down the street from Fosco's abode. Fosco stopped there for a post-lecture breakfast treat this morning.

The panaderia staff is friendly and kind, if not competently bilingual (that's okay--Fosco habla espanol). The "crema custer" has a crumbly pie shell (not too sweet) with a nice creamy custard center (see right). Oh, and it retails for 89 cents. That just can't be beat!

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m said...

Oh god . . . that looks amazing. Do they have tres leches cake?