Thursday, December 04, 2008

A Night Out: Rancho Las Trancas

As mentioned previously, Fosco and Oz went out last night for Oz's milestone birthday. Because Fosco is trying to feature more food lately, Fosco decided to take some picshas.

We were just looking for a casual evening last night (bigger, more elaborate celebration TBA), so we went to our favorite "dive" Mexican place: Rancho Las Trancas in South SF.

It's a sorta neighborhood place: affordable and super yummy. They offer fresh warm tortilla chips with TWO salsas (a really tasty spicy chipotle and a fresh mild). We always get enchilada plates. Fosco gets one beef, one cheese with green sauce:

Oz does two cheese with the traditional red sauce (and no beans):

Even though Oz and I always intend to order dessert, we always stuff ourselves so full of chips that we can barely finish our enchiladas. Last night was no different, so no yummy dessert pix. But a nice hearty birthday dinner, nonetheless.

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday OZ!

The BeeMaster