Thursday, December 04, 2008

May Become?

From an article in the NYTimes:

If you doubt this, Fosco can let you talk to any number of his students (and they are students in California, which is one of the few states with relatively affordable higher ed.).

For a more well-considered take on all of this, read KFR's commentary.

Also from the Times, a story about how college students are working on applied town planning in rural Vermont. Maybe if other communities realized that their local colleges and universities could be resources for improving everyday civic life. Maybe there would be less resentment toward public universities (and the concomitant unwillingness to adequately fund them) if people realized that public universities can help to improve everyday life in very local ways.


Anonymous said...

Tuition unaffordable? Tell me about it. I've got four kids to send through.

KFR is such an idiot I'm actually retrieving my long-lost Blogger username/password in order to comment.

Since 1982, median family income rose 147%, while gasoline (until the recent drop) rose 271%. For this we blame the eeeevil oil companies, hold congressional hearings, and threaten windfall profit taxes.

Meanwhile, college tuition and fees increased 439% during the same period. For this KFR blames -- reaganomics?

It looks like, unlike the Great Fosco, KFR deletes dissenting opinion from his blog anyway. Chicken.

I say we start dragging university presidents before congress to answer for their price gouging!

The BeeMaster

todd said...

I read something about this recently, a quick Google search didn't find it but I'll keep looking.

Basically, many Universities keep tuition high purposely, knowing that their financial aid system will keep the actual costs lower.

The argument for it being that by following this model raising tuition will equalize access for low-income students. The cost of tuition effectively scales with one's income.

I'm not sure I agree, but that was the case being made.

Anonymous said...

Huh. Kinda reminds me of the affirmative action bake sale:

The BeeMaster