Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The political advantages of TRUE LOVE

Sad news, ladies: the silverest fox since James Brolin will soon be off the market. That's right, Florida Governor Charlie Crist is getting married. Yes, and his intended must be quite something, as Governor Crist is willing to give up after thirty years of confirmed bachelorhood. That's thirty years as a very tan confirmed bachelor in Florida... Hmmm.

Now, Fosco isn't saying that Governor Crist is gay... (of course, some of his constituents are only too happy to do it for me). But, as HuffPo points out, the timing of Crist's engagement is a bit suspicious as it seemed to coincide with his bid to become John McCain's running mate (hey, how did that all work out?). And yes, as Chris Kelly points out, there is delicious irony in the fact that Crist's fiance owns a Halloween costume company that actually makes beards.

What makes this story even more fun is that, if Governor Crist actually drinks enough Cosmos to show up at his heterosexual wedding, he will be greeted by gay rights protesters!

According to the story,

The group Impact-Florida has called on its members to gather in pink T-shirts outside First United Methodist Church of St. Petersburg on Dec.12 to "congratulate" Crist and Rome while their wedding takes place inside. The demonstration will continue outside the wedding reception at the Renaissance Vinoy Resort in downtown St. Petersburg.

"After the positive congratulatory observance, there will be a candlelight vigil close to the [Vinoy] in downtown St. Pete to mourn the loss of gays right to get married," the group's Web site states, referring to a gay marriage ban [in FL] that passed by ballot initiative in November.
Of course, the fact that Governor Crist himself may be a bit pink on the inside just adds another level of fun to the whole thing.

All of us here at Fosco Lives! would like to wish Governor Crist and his wife-to-be the happiest of marriages. We would also like to suggest that the future Mrs. Crist keep handy the home phone number of Suzanne Craig.

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