Friday, February 27, 2009

Another Day in Paradise

Sure, the weather is nice here in California; but there are occasional drawbacks, as this frontpage of today's online Santa Cruz Sentinel makes clear:

Sigh. Even so, it's still better here than in Elkhart.

Luckily, anyone looking for some good news on a day like this can take comfort in this article about a rescued sea otter. Even though "Olive" the Otter was found covered in oil (probably from a "natural" source[!]), she is recovering well and will be released back into the Monterey Bay in another couple of weeks. While in the care of the Dept. of Fish and Game in Santa Cruz, Olive has been receiving a veritable spa treatment:

The young female, estimated to be about a year old, was treated with an olive oil bath and then washed intensively for two hours.
"She is eating primarily prawns and clams right now because they have the highest caloric content and she likes them," Jessup said. "She will be staying for at least another week, maybe two, before we send her back."
I'm a little jealous, actually. Not to mention that the whole thing sounds absolutely adorable. Aren't charismatic megafauna great?


Anonymous said...

We had breakfast in Elkhart today. The two restaurants we visted were both PACKED. Go figure.

The BeeMaster

FOSCO said...

See, I told you the stimulus package would revive Elkhart. Thanks, President Obama!