Thursday, February 26, 2009

I've got another puzzle for you!

A couple of weeks ago, Fosco and Oz played the role of "good gay uncles" for Oz's goddaughter (who we will continue to call "Amanda") by attending her elementary school musical: Willy Wonka Junior. It's based on Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, of course, and features many of the songs found in the original Gene Wilder film.

You know what's best about Amanda's elementary school? The "street" names. Welcome to "Megaskills Avenue," my friends.

The show itself was a pretty typical elementary school production. Half of the actors stared directly at their parents. More than half of the song lyrics were indecipherable. Nearly eighty percent of the dialogue was too quiet to hear or too garbled to understand. Strangely enough, most of the main roles (Charlie, Wonka, etc.) were played by more than one student--they switched about halfway through the show. This was surprisingly confusing. Even weirder, one of the Charlies was a girl. Here's the non-girl (or "boy") Charlie, with Grampa Joe and Willy Wonka himself:

Oz's goddaughter was one of (many, many) Oompa Loompas and their costumes were the most adorable. She was definitely the best of the Oompa Loompas, even if this proud "uncle" says so himself.

The set was actually pretty decent:

If it sounds like the whole thing was a nightmare, you're wrong. It was actually a complete hoot. As long as you don't care about actual theater.

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