Friday, February 27, 2009

A Fusion Dream

I'm hungry. It must be "Foodie Friday."

In recent weeks, Fosco has learned a surprising amount about eating in Los Angeles (mostly via random TV shows like "Man v. Food"). But now, thanks to this NYT article, Fosco is finally convinced that he needs to go to there. And, upon arriving, to eat.

To understand Fosco's new sense of culinary urgency, you need only understand two word: KIMCHI TACOS.

Listen to this:

After obsessively checking the Twitter postings of the Korean taco maker to see where the truck will park next, they begin lining up — throngs of college students, club habitués, couples on dates and guys having conversations about spec scripts.

And they wait, sometimes well beyond an hour, all for the pleasure of spicy bites of pork, chicken or tofu soaked in red chili flake vinaigrette, short ribs doused in sesame-chili salsa roja or perhaps a blood sausage sautéed with kimchi, all of it wrapped in a soft taco shell.

The food at Kogi Korean BBQ-To-Go, the taco vendor that has overtaken Los Angeles, does not fit into any known culinary category. One man overheard on his cellphone as he waited in line on a recent night said it best: “It’s like this Korean Mexican fusion thing of crazy deliciousness.”
Which all sounds like a beautiful dream to Fosco. What a perfect fusion: street tacos + kimchi + food truck!

As far as Fosco is concerned, this is probably the best reason to travel to LA right now. Road trip?

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