Monday, February 23, 2009

Not (Yet) on iTunes

Tra-la-la... Music Monday!

Without Ted Gideonse, Fosco would miss all of the good blog memes. This is a great one: the Random CD Cover Meme. Let's get the rules from Ted (so you can do it yourself):

Here are the rules:

1. Use Wikipedia’s random article page to find your band name.

2. Go to the Random Quotations Page. The last four words of the very last quote is your album name.

3. Visit Flickr’s interesting photos page, the third image, no matter what, is your cover art.

4. Use Photoshop or Paint.NET to put all the pieces together.

5. Post it to the group!
For example, my random Wikipedia article was on Ski Bums, a gay and lesbian ski/snowboard club (how interesting!). My random quote was from the loathsome Woody Allen:
Organized crime in America takes in over forty billion dollars a year and spends very little on office supplies.

And if you think that none of this seems very promising for poor Fosco's band so far, wait until you see this "interesting" Flickr pic.

However, I must say that a little PhotoShop can do wonders. Here is the complete CD cover:

It actually came out looking surprisingly professional, I think (certainly much better than these covers). Lest you think that Fosco knows much about PhotoShop, allow him to reassure you that he did most of this by accident. That cool "molecular" background beneath the titles? That was (somehow) the default background texture. But for some reason, it looks pretty rad with the other elements.

The next step, of course, is to record this album. Anyone know any songs?


Anonymous said...

Babe... this takes far too much work. BTW this is going rampant on Facebook.

todd said...

I did one too: Aventura Mall

FOSCO said...

Yours is gorgeous, Todd!

Anonymous said...

Todd! Brilliant!

I LOVED this Fosc Olives assignment! The wikipedia entry was Charlotte Harbor Light, which is a lighthouse in Florida. I love lighthouses!

Next is an totally forgettable quote from French Romantic painter Eugene Delacroix (1798-1863) - "I live in company with a body, a silent companion, exacting and eternal."

The photo I didn't bother to pay attention to. Which is a shame 'cuz I'm kinda obsessed with her now. I need to know who she is. I'll lose sleep thinking of her face tonight. And her spooky lyrics. But mostly her invention of the angst-bubblegum genre.

Here is the result: Charlotte Harbor Light

The BeeMaster
aka president of the Charlotte Harbor Light fan club

FOSCO said...

Wow. Yours came together PERFECTLY, BeeMaster. It's like that person already exists and stuff.

Anonymous said...

Bubblegum-angst is surprisingly catchy!

The BeeMaster