Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sunday Times: Brioche, Football, Zombies, &c.

Ever since his visit to Bouchon Bakery, Fosco has been obsessed with brioche. Rich, slightly sweet, with a whiff of lemony goodness... Ah, brioche! What you are looking at below is the loaf of brioche that Fosco baked himself(!) on Friday:
This morning, Fosco and Oz had brioche French toast. And all Fosco can say is... "Good. God." How did I live this long without learning to make brioche French toast? And how much longer could I possibly live if I were to make it every morning from now on? (The answer to the second question is probably somewhere around 5-8 years. Tops.).

You know what else is special about today? It's the Super Bowl (Go Roughriders!) We'll be watching the game, of course, but Fosco recognizes that not all Fosco Lives! readers will be doing so as well. And so, to help you kill some time while the rest of America is ogling Brenda Warner, here are some suggestions:

Have fun today. And be careful out there: a safe Sunday is a happy Sunday. See you tomorrow for "Music Monday"!

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Jill said...

I read that yesterday about the "lost tribes". I don't understand being so militantly anti-male.