Monday, February 02, 2009

Super Bowl Memories

Well, it's been almost a day since the Arizona Cardinals won Super Bowl XLIII. Well, at least they should have won: Warner's final "fumble" was not even close to a fumble. But hey, the fix was in. Anyway, for what it's worth, Fosco refuses to recognize the Steelers' victory.

However, at least we've finally settled which quarterback God loves more (don't cry, Kurt and Brenda--you've still got each other. And seven kids.).

Fosco and Oz watched the game with Oz's close friends and their children (Oz's godchildren, incidentally). Fosco's favorite line of the day was from Amanda, age 9:

AMANDA: "I'm in a play at school."
FOSCO: "What play?"
AMANDA: "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"
FOSCO: [thinking to himself: Are you an Oompa-Loompa?] "What do you play?"
AMANDA: "I'm an Oompa-Loompa!"
FOSCO: "Yes. Yes you are."

We got to see her dance and everything. Some elementary school music teacher has a very good sense of humor.


Anonymous said...

With the rampant Steelers and Buffy dissing, you are trying to kill me.

Maybe the fumble that was (INDEED) a fumble makes up for the previous fumble that was also a fumble but ruled NOT a fumble. Jesus said so.

FOSCO said...

I thought you might not appreciate that part of the post... :(

However, I will remind you that I was a dutiful Steelers supporter during your previous Super Bowl win. But I'm sorry: you shouldn't get to win two in four years.

Sorry, JT, but your Steelers are now the Patriots. :P

Anonymous said...

But, but, we're scrappy blue-collar folk! We eschew cheerleaders! We put fries on things!

(May I also add, Big Ben is not dating Gisele Bundchen).

FOSCO said...

I do love fries on things. And off things.

Big Bun is not dating Gisele for a reason: he's microcephalic. And your Santonio Holmes is a jagoff.

Pittsburgh may be a blue collar town, but the Cards were this year's blue collar team. :)