Thursday, December 11, 2008

Back to Normal(?)

Okay, okay, so the whole "Day Without A Gay" thing fizzled (damn economy!). Even Fosco wasn't able to keep all of his resolutions yesterday (although he did manage to mostly avoid the TV and the Internet). But applause to everyone who tried to take it seriously (and appreciation to The Beemaster for holding his challenging comments until today).

I think when it comes down to it, there was one major problem: gays love work too much! Well, maybe that's not the real problem. However, I do think that many gay people didn't really feel like punishing their employers and coworkers yesterday (especially here in the Bay Area, where so many employers and coworkers are gay-friendly). Fosco's boyfriend Oz did not take the day off, for several reasons:

  • Oz's employer (a large, Peninsula-based, hipster corporation which shall remain nameless) is very gay friendly (both publicly and privately).
  • Half of Oz's department is gay, as is a large proportion of the company itself. If all of them had called in, the whole thing would have shut down.
  • The economy SUX, so why would you antagonize your employer?
Oh, I forgot: Oz also thought the whole thing was stupid.

Anyway, that's over and we can all get back to what really matters: Christmas (NSFW).

N.B.: Fosco will be grading final exams for the next few days, so Fosco Lives! may only be updated sporadically. Maybe.

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Anonymous said...

That wasn't a direct quote, but there definitely were flaws to the actual event. Oz is sure that it sounded better in one's mind.

hah! Oz's word verification was hipmen... how peculiar.