Monday, December 08, 2008

Putting the Santa in Santa Cruz

Where are you planning to spend the holidays? Well, if you have some disposable income and a travel jones, you can take a look at Travel + Leisure magazine's list of Ten Great Places to Spend the Christmas. Here's most of the list (#s 1-9):

  • Bali
  • Bay of Islands, New Zealand (it's summer there)
  • Charleston
  • Boston (it's wicked cold)
  • Edinburgh (really? why?)
  • Montreal
  • Munich
  • Park City, Utah (schuss...)
  • Puerto Rico
The real surprise (for Fosco at least) is #10:

Santa Cruz

Yes! Santa Cruz (California) is one of ten great places worldwide to spend Christmas. Really!

You may be asking why (and in this you are not alone). Here's T+L's justification:
Now Fosco enjoys thousand year old redwoods as much as the next guy (well, maybe not as much as these guys), but why are they a good thing for Christmas? It's not like you can cut them down and decorate them in your living room (well, at least not easily). And who or what are these "over-caffeinated young bucks"? What does that even mean? Students? The homeless? Actual deer (pretty likely, actually)?

At any rate, it seems that Fosco will be spending his Christmas break in one of T+L's Top Ten Holiday Destinations.

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