Sunday, December 07, 2008

New Look

Inspired Christian Dior or perhaps by Josiah McElheny's blown-glass homage to Dior, "From an Historical Anecdote About Fashion" (2000) [see below], Fosco Lives! has a New Look. Hopefully, you will find the new Fosco Lives! to be a little sleeker, a little more chic, and a little less "template-y." And there are still some tweaks to come.

The new header is an engraving of the character Count Fosco from Wilkie Collins's The Woman in White. This engraving is from an 1861 American edition of the novel (published by Harper & Bros.) held by the NY Pubic Public Library (thanks to Google's Library Project). The illustrator was John Lennon McLenan.

This is also a good time for Fosco to thank you for your devoted reading. If it weren't for you, Fosco would be lonely.



todd said...

For a second there I thought I clicked the wrong bookmark. Looks good.

kungfuramone said...

I'm kungfuramone, and I approved of this message (and new look, and so on.)

Anonymous said...

Why is a puff of smoke coming from under Fosco's collar?

The Beemaster