Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious."

As Fosco has mentioned previously, Fosco Lives! gets a lot of traffic from the "playboy pubic shave"-loving perverts in Korea. But yesterday, he saw something in his Korea traffic he's never seen before:

That would be the "word" which follows the IP address. This is the place that, in Fosco's other traffic reports, the name of the Internet Service Provider (e.g., "comcast") appears. Apparently, that "word" is the name of an ISP.

Fosco's curiosity was piqued, so he had to do a Google search. Here's the result:

This isn't very illuminating. However, my favorite part is the "did you mean" recommendation here.

Any Fosco Lives! reader who can explain this "word" to Fosco (or who can pronounce it) will win a Fosco Lives! prize!


Jeremy said...

Unless I'm mistaken, that will be the "Jungseok Air Technical High School" (정석항공공업등학교).

To see Google make another funny, try reading this translated page about the school:

The famous deceased about our school!

Do I win anything cool?

Jeremy said...

By the way, I'm thinking of adding "newly resurgent pioneer" to my CV.

FOSCO said...

What do you win?

For starters, you are the recipient of Fosco's "Heroic Korean Translator Award" (see above right for your recognition).

There will be more.

"Finally, a lot of juniors in our school, come and love what you're awesome

Jeremy said...

Wait, he's ... eating? ... what? Wow. A search for the image's filename turned up a page about this. So enlightening!

"There's something so calming about having a piece of cloth in my mouth," he [champion flag-eater Kang Han-Gwon] says. "At first it was like a shameful compulsion -- like biting fingernails or berating my wife, but after a while I decided to leave my shame behind and admit that cloth-eating is simply something I love to do. Eventually I chose flags for three reasons: beautiful, bright colours, synthetic fabrics, which go down easier, and mostly, because my wife hated finding bite-holes in her clothes -- it made them unwearable -- but nobody wears flags to begin with, except at the FIFA World Cup, so I could eat my flags without getting into arguments with my wife."