Thursday, February 12, 2009

Will Fosco Become A Biker Chick?

Fosco tends to be a bit blasé about the world of wheeled things (which you would know if you've ever seen his completely uninteresting car). Oz has been working to change this and he's succeeding; and so are pieces like this one, describing one of the wheeled infatuations of Fosco's old friend Nick Goddard (of the remarkable Goddard Family). You should check out the brief article just to see the fun pictures...

Apparently, Nick has a thing for Honda Hobbits (a type of moped that Fosco didn't know existed). And you know, for a person like Fosco who is absolutely terrified of motorcycles, Nick actually makes the Hobbit sound pretty appealing:

A week after I bought them I was rubbing shoulders with my best friend as we raced each other down the road. She was grinning from ear to ear and laughing hysterically every time she'd lay on the pathetic duck quack horn. It's situational. When you want a simple roller skate to introduce people to motorcycling, old mopeds are perfect. You don't need a license to ride them, they don't need insurance, you don't need a helmet, there is no battery, there is no oil and no top end, they don't need to be inspected, registration is $5 per year and it's an absolute riot to ride around with someone who has never ridden before. Heck, my sister, who always tells me to ride safely and would never let her fiance get a bike, begs me to let her borrow them. You can even take them on the subway.
Which makes it all sound pretty fun, no? Although, of course, Fosco would still wear a helmet. And he would probably want to double check on that insurance thing. Let's not get too carried away...

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